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Thread: HeartlessMOD@V3X Version 4

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    Default HeartlessMOD@V3X Version 4

    HeartlessMOD@V3X Version 4

    Before we start ; Consider that you apply everything at your very own risk !!!

    Important : Monster pack is bootloader dependant, download and flash the compatible version for your phones' bootloader with Motokup 0.2 !

    Bootloader 0.6.71
    Bootloader 0.6.81 / 0.6.82
    Bootloader 0.6.83 / 0.6.84

    Hello all,

    Since the third version of HeartlessMOD@V3X, Many people have asked for the new version but i decided to wait for new findings. I think that i was right to wait. To be honest, i donít believe that this monster pack has some unique features like the previous hmod v2 and v3. However i do believe that Version 4 is the most professional, multimedia oriented, graphically unique, stable and bug free. Iíve optimized it for those who would flash and donít need to touch anything else. I didnít include any buggy moddings like the itunes, the flip close / open sounds and some buggy patches. Iíve also fixed all the known bugs of Version 3 and improved my nice flex. Thereíre noticible new adjustments like new file format for captured photos and videos, 4 mb java heap size for faster applications and 3d gaming speed, mma_ucp from skin folder for those who likes to use special skins. Since the time of version 3, iíve improved my graphics skillz so i didnít forget to improve the monster pack visually. The Drm of the mp is fully MotoMagX LinuX style, Skins are well selected and unique for people with different tastes, external display skin is also very nice. Font is segou bold condensed clear type from windows vista . It looks very clear, too. Mp is based on the latest and fastest known software which is currently R252211_U_85.9B.E6P. Itís unlocked and unbranded.

    Shortly, this work is an all in one package that would reborn the old Rusty V3X phones.

    Characteristics ;

    SW : R252211LD_U_85.9B.E6P
    Drm : MotoMagX Revision 3 by Semseddin (Speedy %50)
    Font : SegouBold Condensed by Semseddin LP0039 ( Special small&clear type font )
    Flex : HeartlessMOD@V3X Version 4
    Skins : HeartleSS by SoloRazr and Semseddin, IphoneMoto by Woody modified by SoloRazR and Semseddin, Milky, Perfection Gold by InsecureSpike ported by Semseddin, Phenomenon by Semseddin, Windows Vista by Cloud Strife, All external skins by J4ZZ from his IJ4ZZ skin.

    Ps : HeartleSS skin is only unique to devoted HMOD users, it can not be released seperatly by anyone at any forum except me.

    CG1 Patches, Total 25 :

    * 4 MB Java heap size for faster than ever 3d games and applications
    * New file format for captured photos and videos ( YYYY_MM_DD_HH_MM)
    * Mma_ucp is read from the skin folder for special skins.
    * Access to hidden seems from P2K interface
    * Cancelled corelet signatures and provided file system access
    * Change file attributes from java apps
    * Recent calls arenít removed when a new sim card inserted
    * Deenergizing alarm clock till the next day with red key
    * Activate / deactivate flashlight with C+C from home screen
    * Sms and ringer idís are seperated
    * Java applications work while phone is connected to pc
    * Corelets are supported
    * Corelets are listed at application list
    * Alarm clock loudness modified
    * Alarm clock re-activating time modified
    * Time and name shows at alarm clock
    * Time of automatic re-dial modified
    * Empty battery sound disabled
    * Installation of java apps. not signed warning disabled
    * Java permissions menu improved with Read / Write access
    * Sms delivery repors, Always On
    * Bluetooth discoverage time increased to 10 minutes
    * Usb charging menu item ( From initial setup, animation on / off )
    * Default player automatically plays next song ( Select auto-repeat off )
    * %250 zoom in photos
    * Calling corelet from the background instead of activation list item.

    CG2 Modifications ;

    * Index scrolling enabled.
    * Menu order has been changed for best navigation
    * Search option at phonebook had been improved
    * Sorting image and music files alphabetically
    * Mark with 0 key
    * Quad band enabled ( V3X gets 850mhz signal at North America)
    * Java restart issue solved
    * Strongest Signal with E6P
    * Sound boosted at level 4 with no distortions, Earspeaker and wired headset level boosted.
    * Best video capturing and photo shooting
    * Added 4x zoom, night mode to VideoCamera
    * Infinite video recording time at Transflash
    * Added Pause option while recording video
    * Added blue, red and green, negative and gold effects for photos
    * Added video preview before saving
    * Added 1 mb of sending video with mms
    * Added counter option for video / audio playback
    * Recording video in mp4 format
    * Added zoom menu to phone options
    * Added "send video" to messages menu
    * Added Dap 5.1.9
    * Added support for Ems with big stylish smilies.
    * Added " send postcard " menu to messages
    * Added visualizing all calls from Incoming / Outgoing calls
    * Enabled Java application loader
    * Enabled American accent English and Portugese Voice command
    * Compatible and optimized mma
    * Added local websessions
    * Disabled "Re ; , Reenv , Fw ; " when replying or forwarding
    * Disabled Unicode
    * Sms storage on phone 750 entries
    * Added custom external image cl.gif
    * Reduced screen illumination with 5 / 10 / 20 second
    * Deleted unnecessary video files
    * Disabled profile changing while charging
    * Enabled Speed Dial keys from 1 to 9
    * Voicemail reactivated with key 1
    * Added keypad lock
    * Added storing 60 dialed / recieved calls in memory
    * Added custom startup / shutdown animations
    * Added " Additional cost " warning for browsing
    * Added Java splash screen

    Maybe some moreÖ

    I would like to thank ;

    All patchers of E6P from Motofan, SoloRazr for iPhoneMoto and HeartleSS skin, InsecureSpike for Perfection Gold, Cloud Strife for WindowS Vista, J4ZZ for the external skin, Modmymoto community, Hellomoto Razrforum family and everybody who enjoyed previous versions of HeartlessMOD@V3X Tradition !

    Greetings, Semseddin.



    I've tried to answer frequently asked questions. Actually easy reference for those who needs extra personalization.

    1- How do i flash this monster pack ?
    - Check your bootloader version and download the compatible file for your phone. Flash with motokup 0.2 at slow speed.

    2- How do i turn off sms delivery reports by default ?
    - Seem: 004a 0001 Offset:08 change hex value to 00

    3- How do i assingn browser key to multimedia menu ?
    - Seem : 004a_0001 Offset : 10F change hex value to 02

    4- My local letters at sms messages don't appear. How to fix ?
    - Enable unicode support : Seem: 0032_0001 Offset: 3F Bit 4: Uncheck

    5- How i do install itunes ?
    - Don't install it because it causes a huge restart problem with java applications.

    6- How do i assign shortcut function to videocall key ?
    - Seem 005b_0001 Offset: 19 change hex to 14

    7- How does the Ringer ID function work ?
    [ Thanks to SoloRazr for the tip. ]

    1. After Flashing, Go to Settings -> RingStyles and change it to Loud.
    2. Go to Loud Details and verify that Ringer ID is ON. Then Assign a Ringtone to Messages.
    3. Go to Phonebook and Edit a Contact. Add a Ringer ID and do a test call.
    4. Now, go to RingStyles again and edit the details for Soft and Vibe and Ring.

    8- I canít read or write to file system with XploreME! or opera mini. Is this mp rsa unlocked ?
    - Itís rsa unlocked. One of the nicest features of E6P is the ability to decide ď read and write permissions ď for an application. To give permission to your application ; Click options at your app. Select Permissions / User data related / User data read access and User data write access. Set both to never ask.

    9- How do i enable/disable usb charging ?
    - If your language is set to english, itís visible as Usb Charge at initial setup.
    - If your language is anything else than english, it appears as Animation at initial setup.

    10- How do i enable / disable flip open / close sounds ?

    Here's the guide for it.

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    Default Re: HeartlessMOD@V3X Version 4

    Thank you brother.
    This is the best v3x MP ever released. you did a very great job.

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